Artwear History

Art by Davey Artwear (1980s - 1990s)

Art by Davey featured in SPY Magazine in an ad for People Magazine, 1988, photo by Martha Cooper!

Madamoiselle Magazine 1980s features Art by Davey Artwear


Sinead O'Connor wearing Art by Davey's ANKH Corset Bra in concert, 1980s


"JAIL BAIT", Art by Davey poses off the West Side Highway, in handpainted cat suit with japanese clogs and top hat, 1987


Art by Davey poses at Grant's Tomb, NYC, in his marker art on ripped jeans and handpainted bolero jacket, 1986 


Art by Davey poses upstate New York in his handpainted Bolero and Top Hat, 1987


Art by Davey poses at the World Trade Center, in his Top Hat, striped Blazer and Japanese Clogs, 1985, photo by Jerome Miller


"Beef Cake", Art by Davey poses in the Patricia Field Loft, in his overalls, oversized hooded trench and baseball cap, 1990


Art by Davey poses in artwear sweatsuit in front of Limelight, photo by Jerome Miller, 1987


Art by Davey Artwear trench coat, 1987, photo by Jerome Miller

Art by Davey Artwear, a hobby-turned-company was officially started in 1984 after being approached by Patricia Field at the Paradise Garage one bright Sunday morning.  Totally inspired by the love of day-glow and the language of the Pharoahs, he began hand painting designs on tshirts for friends who would sport them out to the after-hour NYC clubs of the 1980s.  When he first arrived in New York City and noticed the vast amount of freedom of expression on clothing, it was the spark of a new beginning; certainly was unexpected being that he began his drawing technique in junior high school in the Midwest while campaigning for a class office, and never expected this to turn into his first self-owned business.  New York was a true eye opener, and after being adopted by the House of FIELD, he was exposed to the works of Art Icons, such Keith Haring, Kenny Scharf, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and Andy Warhol to name a few.  Art by Davey states, "I always felt that any art design or graphic is much more accessible to the public eye when it worn as a garment; it gives it more dimension in movement".  He sold exclusively to the legendary Patricia Field boutique on 8th street, and was featured in People Magazine in 1984 featuring various New York artwear designers.  Art by Davey states, "When I first started, I was really rough around the edges with my lines and subjects I wanted to paint; alot of times I would just experiment and research on Egyptian symbols and visiting museums; and after 3 years or so, I sort of had the technique down with the brush strokes; then items started to sell." Art by Davey's artwear was soon published in fashion magazines Harper's Bazaar and Madamoiselle showcasing his Egyptian symbols on corset bras, tennis skirts and raincoats!  His clients also included Ten City, Sinead O'Connor, Heavy-D and Boyz, The Fly Girls of In Living Color, and one soap opera star, named "EGYPT"!      


"Paul Simon wearing Art by Davey Artwear" with Art by Davey for Mother Goose Rock-n-Rhyme, Hollywood CA, and produced by Shelly Duvall, 1989