As an expressionist for over 30 years, "Art by Davey" has experienced the colorful life of New York!
His journey through fashion, dance, photography, and costume and toy design has resulted in an array of memorable creations.
His love of color and passion for costume design are common threads found in many of his works, often articulated around references from the past and the future.  Through his ongoing research of fashion and dance history and genres as well as tribal, aboriginal, African and Japanese cultures and customs,
Art by Davey has explored his fascination with ceremonial dress, human spirituality, sexuality and gender boundaries, transporting his message through visual representation.
Though each project has met its share of obstacles, Art by Davey has always created through experimentation, often deilvering some of his most stunning and inspiring works.
He hopes that the visual journey he has created will inspire others to seek out natural environments, that it will spark curiousity in discovering other cultures, provoke awe and passion for the solar system, and awaken awarenss about the effects of
Climate Change.